What makes
us different.


Trusted Roofing Education
& Guidance in Arizona

Roofing Enterprises was founded with the goal of education and guidance in mind to help prevent the typical pitfalls that roofing projects fall into. 

A standard roofing company inspects the roof, writes up what is wrong, creates an estimate and may provide some pictures. At Roofing Enterprises, however, we provide detailed images showing not only what needs to be done, but also the process; tear off and steps of the installation process with explanations along the way.

These value added services are included when working with us. This gives our customers confidence that the work is done properly, but more importantly, that the work was completed and done correctly. Many new customers have experienced roofers who do not provide these detailed reports or actual proof that the work shown on their invoices are completed. In many instances roofing contractors know most people won’t get on a roof to walk it, especially on a two story home or building.